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Frequently Asked Questions

For how many days Advance or BG or Undated Cheque should be given?

Advance should be given for 30 days of planned consumption.
Banking Guarantee(BG) should be given for 45 days of planned consumption.
Undated Cheque should be given in 2 undated cheques each of value equal to 31 days of planned consumption totaling to 2 months of planned consumption.

Why Pay for Registration?

It is important that you pay for registration because we want only serious buyers / sellers on site. Only then, whomsoever you meet on this site are really serious about doing business with you and not just time wasters.

But of course, you need not worry about that you might lose this money. Simply because we, our support team and our marketing team would ensure that you get the right person to meet your requirements.


Obviously no business can exist all by itself without taking any service charges. We do charge you for our services. You will have to pay us just 2.5 paise per kWh of consumption for our basic services.

The basic services include providing you with the right buyer / seller within the shortest span of time, coordinating with buyer and seller for signing of the Power Purchase Agreements, maintain complete database on your billing, payments, collection, ensuring timely payments using our messaging and follow up team in addition to ensuring proper supply of power. In short, our work covers all documentation, providing buyer and seller support on supply of power, billing and collection services.

This does not include coordinating with local Utility for delivery of power and liaison for lining up of power at the utility end. This will attract additional charges and you may please chat with support to get further information on the same.

In addition to this, we also provide regulatory provisions support. This would help you comply all regulatory requirements under any of the provisions that are in vogue. In which case, an additional 2.5 paise per kWh will be charged.

Why do we verify your registration?

Verification is needed because, this is a serious business web site. We do not want people who are not serious in doing business or who might cause damage to our system. Even if the number of people clicking into the site is limited, it is fine. But do we want people who are just walking in or people who really mean business? This is really to protect your interest.

Verification process

The process of verification is two pronged. One, we get an identity proof and an address proof from you just to confirm, that you are representing the company you claim to represent. Two, we call you up and talk to you to confirm that you are the person whom you claim to be. Once this done, your stage 1 registration process is completed.

At the end of stage 1 registration, you will be able to see the bids. But you will not be able to place your own bid. You will not be able to chat with the seller / buyer and close an order. In order to do that, you will have to complete stage 2 registration.

How do I Register?

Registration is a simple process. Just go through the sign up option from the home screen. Sign up is shown in the logging in screen as well. Click Sign Up right here to reach Sign Up screen.

Fill the registration form, comprising of three tabs. Please provide adequate information for the verification team to confirm your registration.

This is a part of the Stage 1 Verification.
Why do we verify your registration?

Stage 2 registration.

In your home screen, you will find a profile option. Go to the profile option and check the percentage completion of your profile.

You will find Stage 1 Complete. Stage 2  Complete Now. Stage 2 and Complete Now will be in Red while Stage 1 Complete will be in Green.

You can click on Complete Now and get into stage 2. A detail on what is being done in Stage 2 will be provided in the screen along with a Pay Now button. Click on the pay now and go to the Payment Gateway.

Make payment of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) to confirm your interest in doing business on this web site. Please note this is a refundable amount if you are not able to get your supplier / buyer within 30 days or a reasonable period of time and you have made earnest efforts at it. If you get the right party, then the same is adjustable against our charges for the work. See charges.
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