Sale of Power

We help you sell your power from any of your power plants. Be it, wind, thermal, solar or biomass. We have all of them in our portfolio. We can help you sell power in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Pondicherry, where we are currently having presence. However, we are equipped to meet your needs outside these states too.


We have been in this business of power selling for over ten years and carry with us experience that could help you to optimize on the available rules and regulations. We are now offering the same committed service that you experienced off line, on line too! Online sale of power for long term contracts would ensure that you reduce the cost of selling to the minimum. Plus the software that is working behind the website will help you do your allocation sheet, produce your invoice to the consumer, bill the consumer and maintain consumer account online.


The consumers can also log in and see the status of their accounts. Transparent accounting would ensure that they make payments on time with minimal issues that might require trouble shooting in a long relationship.


If you are a wind mill owner, you can sell your power online to various consumers, plus maintain daily generation data. At the end of the month, you can generate the allocation sheet and bring into account banking information too! Complete invoice generation and outstanding collections are all done by the software itself. You can have your own specific choice of invoice format from the available formats or choose to upload a new format.


All this for a very nominal annual fee which is the basic membership charge.


Of course, if you need premium services then you need to make payments according to the premium services.