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Buy power from a renewable power source. We have wind, solar and biomass power sources at a price that is lesser than IEX price in the long run. Sign up a direct generator to consumer contract to save on the power cost.

If you are looking for power at the best price, please contact us right here.

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Our Services

Power Trading

eClouds Energy: Your trusted intermediary for seamless and uninterrupted power trading services.

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Power Sales

Your expert partner for diverse and efficient power aggregation solutions with a minimum 5-year commitment.

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Power Projects

Pioneering renewable energy through turnkey solar projects and sustainable power solutions, including a 15MW solar park and ongoing ventures

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Carbon Credit

Empowering businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability through carbon credits.

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Tamil Nadu Power Scenario - Present & Future - by CEO, eClouds Energy

Latest News

Wind energy generation expected to go up in the coming months in T.N

In Tamil Nadu, there's anticipation for a rise in wind energy production over the next few months, indicating a positive outlook for renewable energy.

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TN Power Update: Strong Wind and Solar Energy, Demand Matching Supply

Discover how TN's power grid coped with high demand, exceeding forecasts, and promising signs for the monsoon.

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Implementation of DSM for Open Access Consumers - Important Instructions

TANGEDCO directs HT consumers under open access to adjust power consumption in 15-minute blocks, ensuring accurate billing compliance.

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