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Energy Consultancy

Power is one of the large expenses in most of the industries. If you want to optimize your cost of production, it is only quite obvious that you work on the large expense, power. If you could save just a few percentage in power consumption, the impact on your bottom line is quite huge. We help you save, not just paise, but rupees, in the cost of power. We give you best of the offers for the power from very reliable power generators. We act as representative for our long-standing generators from different sources, wind, solar, thermal and biomass. We enjoy the support of over 200 MW of wind, 100 MW of solar, 50 MW of thermal and 20 MW of biomass totaling to over 200 Million units of power. And we are adding to it every year.

Energy Auditing services

We have been providing energy auditing services to our clients since our inception. Our services have helped people reduce their power consumption by up to 25% reducing the overall cost of production. This is achieved by reducing power wastage. One of the most important ways of power wastage happens through compressed air. Compressed air is used in almost all industries, so much so, that nearly 10% of all energy used in industries goes to compress air. Out of this, almost 50% of all compressed air is being wasted! It makes sense therefore, to optimize compressed air usage in industries and to plug every leak that is happening. This will ensure that the overall power cost will go down and therefore, improve your bottom line.

Vending Services

Vending services is a unique service that is being provided by eClouds Energy to provide 24hrs vending of essential commodities through an automatic machine. This includes vending eats, fast foods, medicines, non-refrigerated and refrigerated drinks. This was a measure that was taken during the covid situation and to help people who are staying indoors. Machines are being placed in apartment complexes so that it helps residents to pick up what they want at any time of the day without going to crowded supermarkets and shops. Instead of going to the shops, literally, the shops come to your doorstep. We welcome Apartment or shopping complex owners and associations to contact us for placing such machines. There is no expense for the associations. We place the machines, and we supply the products that are being sold on it. We top up regularly with the products as they are sold. Payments accepted include cash and UPI.

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