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eClouds Energy - Your Ideal Energy Partner

<p>We are a licensed Intra State Power Trading company in Tamil Nadu with a history of promising power aggregation services to over 200 customers in the southern states of India. We have so far added value to our clients in terms of supplying much needed energy, helping industries to conserve energy thereby reducing their energy footprint and increasing their self-reliance in energy.</p><p>We coordinate and supply energy from various power sources, particularly, from Renewable Energy spectrum. We help the generators to identify best of consumers, help them line up power by coordinating with approval agencies and DisComs. And help them bill consumers and collect the amount on behalf of the generators, every time, on time.</p><p>Though our services are currently restricted to this region, we are catering to the needs of clients all over India.</p><h4>Mission</h4><p>Our Mission is To Provide Quality Service at a Reasonable Cost.</p><h4>Vision</h4><p>The company will be a socially minded business. Earn through appropriate service.</p>