<p>Initially, power business started in English Calcutta  in 7 Jan 1897 with Kilburn & co for Lighting. Private Power Plants after 1990 raised up high.</p><p>Power Mix ,USA: Natural gas makes noticeable growth in the power mix. Renewable sources has made marked gain while nuclear is static.</p><p>Power Mix,EU: Gas consumption will be at 22 percent, Coal consumption will be at 13 percent, Renewable will be at 8 percent and hydro will be around 5 percent.</p><p>Power Mix,China: Highest Coal Generation is 65 percent and the lowest is solar power(1.1%).</p><p>Major growth frontiers:Natural Gas is almost 50 percent in US and over 20 percent in EU. We are at about 4 percent. Renewables is 20 percent in US and 8 percent in EU. China at 45 percent and India at 16 percent. Cost varies for different powers such as Gas - 7.3 percent,Wind - 7.4 percent, Coal - 9.4 percent,Solar-12.5 percent.</p><p>Long Term contracts are mostly bilateral and short term contracts are bilateral through traders and agents.</p><p>Why do we go for the private power? </p><p>Because of the benefits the benefits we gain such as</p><ul><li>Bilateral agreement that is balanced</li><li>Get competitive price for your power</li><li>Committed supplies</li><li>Get to meet you complete need</li></ul><p>Effective private power Supply :</p><ul><li>Short term through power exchanges</li><li>Long term and medium term with power producers</li><li>Open Access through captive consumption</li><li>Open Access through bilateral agreement</li></ul><p>Open Market:</p><p>Electricity open market will aid in providing power at right place that will also increase the efficiencies of operation of service providers.This healthy power market will aid industry and consumer.</p><p>Power Mix in Industries:</p><p>Renewable Purchase obligations forces a mix in total of 14 percent for 2017-18. Solar is 5 percent for 2017-18 out of the total in Tamil Nadu.</p><p>Gas And Storage:</p><p>LNG and Liquefied Natural Gas could be the new alternate power. Price per KWh is lesser than coal through there are contentions. This could be the available modular power where the banking of power could become a past concept.Storage and Gas could be the solution to smoothen renewable power output.</p><p>Expectation of Future:</p><ul><li>A competitive power market with reduced power price increases the industrial activity.</li><li>Mix and Match power sources to ensure smooth and even flow of power.</li><li>Smart grid and Smart power management.</li></ul><p> </p>