<p>GOD gifted this Wonderful Earth to us , full of Flora , Fauna and with Rich Natural Resources !? Planet Earth is the Habitat for we , the Human Beings and innumerable other Species .? From Stone Age , we have gradually and progressively Evolved as a very advanced Society? !? Our Science and Technology and the Exploration , Invention and Innovativeness has taken un forward by leaps and bounds.? This is a continuous process and it keeps going on.?? At the very same time we have pushed Earth into a perilous situation .? A Neutral CLIMATE? throughout the World is most Vital to sustain us upon Planet Earth ! But what we come to witness now is alarming to say the least.? The fecklessness and recklessness with which we have polluted the Atmosphere by excessive Carbon Content has drastically and dangerously altered the CLIMATE PATTERN throughout the World.? It has resulted in GLOBAL WARMING !? Extreme Temperatures and its Consequences , Unseasonal Rains to the extent of floods has been paralyzing Human Lives in all parts of the World . This is a Clear Warning to Humanity to alter its Course and immediately initiate? Remedial Measures to protect Earth !</p><p>The United Nations under the auspices of its Member Nations got its act Together.</p><p>This is known as Conference of? Parties? ( COP ).</p><p>The Paris Conference on CLIMATE CONTROL made a declaration to bring down the Temperature Globally by 1.5 Celsius towards attaining CLIMATE NEUTRALITY !?</p><p>Every year this Climate Conference is getting hosted by Nations out of? turn.?</p><p>Now recently at? Sharm EI - Sheikh in Egypt , Climate Conference ( COP - 27 ) was held.? Everyone voiced their concern over the grave situation.? All the Nations need to act in Unison? to save Planet Earth from Global Warming and its dire consequences.</p><p>One Important area of action is ENERGY PRODUCTION !? Considerably reducing the dependence on Fossil fuel shall greatly help Decarbonisation of the Atmosphere .? In this Context , a major thrust was given for RENEWABLE ENERGY? !?? Wind Energy and Solar Energy should be fully exploited for the cause of Earth.? Right now Solar Energy has gained enormous Focus !? Throughout the World including our Nation , Solar Plants are getting Commissioned.?</p><p>Here our eclouds Energy LLP? plays a pivotal role . As registered Private Power Trader , we are engaged with? actively promoting? Solar Energy on a large scale .</p><p>?</p><p>The Mandate is Very Clear for Humanity !? CLIMATE NEUTRALITY needs to be accomplished as quick as possible.? As it emerges ,? it is now a question of Existence or Extinction .??</p><p>Let Sanity and Wisdom Prevail !</p><p>Let Planet Earth and Humanity Thrive Harmoniously? complementing each other !!</p>