A Praiseworthy Progress in Our Power Sector

<p>As far as the Indian Power Sector is concerned, a lot has changed in the last few years. Today we can proudly pronounce that India is the third largest electricity producer across the globe. Also, if we consider our renewable generation capacities, then we are the fifth largest hydropower producer and the third largest solar power producer in the globe.</p><p>Under the regime of the current union government, India has transformed from a power-deficit country (2013) to a power-surplus one. As on date, our installed generation capacity is around 379 Giga Watt, which is more than adequate to serve the electricity peak demand of 190 GW. However, our prudent government has also made plans to have sufficient generation capacity to meet future demand of electricity.</p><p>The all India power generation installed capacity by the end of 2026-27 is estimated to be 6,19,066 MW; which includes 2,38,150 MW Coal, 25,735 MW Gas, 63,301 MW Hydro, 16,880 MW Nuclear and 2,75,000 MW  Renewable Energy Sources to fully meet the electricity demand projected as per the 19th Electric Power Survey on All India basis.</p><p>According to the recent study carried by Central Electricity Authority on Optimal Generation Capacity mix for 2029-30: the likely all India installed capacity in 2029-30 is estimated to be 8,17,254 MW that includes 2,66,911 MW Coal, 25,080 MW Gas, 71,128 MW Hydro, 18,980 MW Nuclear and 4,35,155 MW  Renewable Energy Sources.</p><p>The focus of our government is to increase the share of renewable energy, which is available in plenty within the country to meet the requirement of the country and also export to our neighbouring countries. Thus, today we are a nation that is armoured by sound energy security.</p><p> </p><p><i>[source: </i><i>]</i></p>