Thermal Power

<p><strong>eClouds Launch</strong><br> </p><p>eClouds is now launched with the new big bang of offers of power purchase. We are now available with Third party thermal power at the rate of 3.80 [generator bus bar] and also quantum of 25 megawatts is available. </p><p>Terms for power purchase:</p><p>Please read carefully</p><p>1.      The price of power is <strong>Rs.3.80</strong> per unit ( At Generator Bus Bar)</p><p>2.      Any overhead charges ( POC injection, With drawl charges and losses, open access, wheeling charges and losses, cross subsidy and additional charges if any should be borne by consumer end)</p><p>3.      This agreement is for a period <strong>1 year.</strong></p><p>4.      <strong>Advance / BG</strong>  for one month energy consumption to be made as Payment Security by the consumer to the generator</p><p>5.      eClouds Energy LLP consulting fee <strong>Rs.0.05 + GST 18%</strong></p><p>6.      Billing will be done by the generation weekly basis and payment needs to be done on weekly basis.</p><p>7.      Buyer and Seller will be signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to cover all of these terms of operation.</p><p>8.      <strong>eClouds Energy LLP Facilitation Fees :</strong>An advance of <strong>Rs.25,000 </strong>is payable along with the order confirmation letter.</p><p>9.     The above amount will be refunded only at the time of terminating the contract.</p><p>10.   eClouds Energy LLP facilitation fees will be separately billed to you as service charges and is payable to eClouds Energy LLp.</p><p>11.   For all these jobs, we take approximately 20 days to complete from the date of signing the PPA with you.</p><p>12.   The LOI given by consumer is valid only after generator acceptance.</p><p>You  can place your orders and chat with our marketing team</p><p> </p>