Power Sector Employees in the Government to strike work

<p>Power Sector Employees plan to go on a nationwide strike, announced All India Power Engineers Federation at Delhi on 8th Jan 2019. This would be an acid test for the Modi Government. The amendment in various forms was lying in the cold storage since 2011. UPA government tried to bring in a new set of rules which never materialised and they allowed the NDA government to take over.</p><p>In 2014, immediately on take over, Piyush Goyal tried to bring in the much needed reforms in the power sector to make it more meaningful and to bring in a level playing field in the market place. But two days of striking employees of the power utilities across the country, ensured that the amendment would not get tabled in the Parliament at that time.</p><p>Now again, at the vague end of their term, possibly the last opportunity for getting this amendment passed, NDA is giving it a shot. With the kind of number power that NDA has in the lower house, this should not be difficult for them to do. And this being a non-finance bill, it could easily be passed in Rajya Sabha too!</p><p>Despite the striking BSNL, UPA passed many path breaking rule changes to bring the telecom industry to what it is today. Will NDA step in and do the same for the Electricity Industry? Let us wait and watch.</p><p><a href="">Read more here.</a></p><p> </p>