eClouds and TANENERGY SUMMIT 2024

<p>eClouds has consistently been involved in various energy-related events. We participated in FICCI's "TANENERGY SUMMIT 2024" held in Chennai on November 30, 2023, and were delighted to contribute to it.</p><p>The proceedings commenced with the rendition of Tamizh Thai Vaazhthu, followed by Dr. GSK Velu, Chairman of FICCI, delivering the welcome address. A special address was presented by Mr. Hans Raj Verma, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary and MD (FAC). The Guest of Honour, Mr. Venkatesh, Group CEO of Everrenew Energy Pvt Ltd, graced the event. Dr. Beela Rajesh IAS, Principal Secretary, delivered the keynote address, shedding light on Tamil Nadu's future role in energy. This was succeeded by the thematic address by Mr. Nanda Kumar, Convener of FICCI & MD of Nanwin Energy.</p><p>The dignitaries presented awards for the best projects, project managers, outstanding MSMEs, and SMEs. Ms. Vishnu Priya, Partner and Head of Business Operations at eClouds Energy LLP, was honored with the Young Project Manager award during the ceremony. The program included multiple sessions that addressed diverse topics within the energy sector.</p><p>In the plenary session titled "Vibrant Investment in Tamil Nadu - Energy Sector Contribution," Mr. Shantha Kumar, Member of FICCI Tamil Nadu Energy Panel and CEO of eClouds Energy LLP, moderated the discussion. Distinguished speakers contributed valuable insights during the event.</p><p>Mr. Vijayakumar Gangaraju, MD, Arecedo Systems, presented innovative ideas concerning solar energy and water electricity within buildings. Additionally emphasized the significance of a carport solar system within a net-zero building framework.</p><p>Mr. Hames Tabrez, representing SBI's head office in Chennai, discussed funding opportunities for renewable energy projects, mentioning an investment of 35,000 crores has been set aside by SBI for energy transition projects. Specific schemes in solar finance and in biogas were also discussed.</p><p>Mr. Vaibhav Dalvi, the South Asia Sales Lead at BASF Stationary Energy Storage, shared insights on BASF's century-long expertise in battery technology, particularly focusing on e-mobility. He highlighted the absence of sulfur storage batteries, the longevity of NAS batteries, and their safety record since 2011. Mr. Dalvi also touched upon aspects like the lifecycle costs, low degradation, and higher energy density of batteries.</p><p>Mr. Suman Kumar Mishra, the General Manager of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, discussed the significance of natural gas as a lighter fossil fuel alternative. He elaborated on its extraction process, liquefaction, and regasification, highlighting its growing importance in India's energy mix, projecting an expectation of 16% utilization by 2040.</p><p>Overall, the event showcased innovative ideas, technological advancements, and valuable discussions on various facets of the energy sector.</p>