New cable infrastructure being considered as replacement under IPDS

<p>According to estimates from the <strong>Ministry of Power, Government of India</strong>, India loses about 19.75% of generated power on account of <strong>Aggregate Technical and Commercial losses (AT&C)</strong>. Technical losses include energy dissipated in conductors, transformers & other equipment used for Transmission, Transformation & Distribution, whereas pilferage by hooking, bypassing meters, defective meters, errors in meter reading and in estimating un-metered supply of energy are the main sources of the Commercial losses.</p><p>One of the most prevalent methods of theft is hooking with pilferers using hooks on non-insulated distribution network wires to draw unmetered electricity in particular areas. Aerial bunched cables are insulated and therefore, make direct hooking difficult. Several states have effectively used aerial bunched cables to control power theft.</p><p><strong>Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)</strong> with the objectives of strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution network in the urban areas; metering of distribution transformers /feeders /consumers in the urban areas and IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network as per (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) CCEA approval. Under this scheme, the Center has sanctioned projects for almost 70,000 km of aerial bunch cables.</p><p>“The government is considering coming out with a scheme worth Rs 37,000 Crore to fund aerial bunched cables in distribution companies and cover 20% of the network where Aggregate Technical and Commercial losses are more than 25%.” said a government official who didn’t wish to be named.</p><p> </p><p>As compiled from <a href="">Economic Times , </a><a href="">Government of India</a> and <a href="">Ministry of Power.</a></p><p> </p>