Shouldering the Responsibility: Working Towards a Carbon-Neutral World

<p>Today’s research shows that human influenced global warming started circa 1800! Green House Gas (GHG) emissions started happening around this time.</p><p>Some people even push it back a little and say, industrial revolution was the starting point of global warming. Most historians say that 1760 is the start of Industrial revolution and with that started the global warming.</p><p>Of course, there are others who also say that human civilization took a fork when they decided on using the wheel and harnessed the fire. That’s when the road to global warming started!</p><p>Dispute may be there on all of these. But most important today is the fact that Global Warming is real! And that we are heading down a spiral that possibly could spell disaster for the entire human race. Will some superhero come and save the world?</p><p>Not exactly! Whatever be the starting point or cause of global warming, we are in the situation today. We need to find ways and means to thread our way through this so that we could live for millenniums more.</p><p>It is imminent as the UN Secretary General remarked, there is no time to change our tracks. We should have already made the change. We are rather, slow at it. Governments may have hundreds of reasons to think over these changes. Development, equality, and many other social causes apart from the innumerable economic reasons, all add up to the decision making in the government.</p><p>It has always been the individuals who brought in the huge change in society, time and again. We really do not have much time to wait and watch.</p><p>How much of GHG emissions you are doing? Government need not enact a watch dog law and ask someone to police our work. We have a responsibility to the society and more particularly, to our children and grandchildren.</p><p>Many companies today have voluntarily announced carbon neutrality. Most of the top 1000 companies are already in the process of straightening out the wrong committed by our forefathers! Yes, who will bear the cost? Yes, it was the west that did most of the damages and continue to do most of the damages? Yes, we are all in bad straits.</p><p>If we are going to keep contesting and arguing as to who should foot the bill, we might lose the battle and therefore, the war with Global Warming. Same is the case with governments! We just cannot wait for someone else to act. We must step in and call the shots in our own small way.</p><p>It is always ‘the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean’. Every molecule that we stop will add up to stop the global warming gradually but surely.</p><p>Let us put our hands together and get this done!</p><p>eClouds is here to help you in this mission to reduce GHG emissions. We can help you identify your carbon, water and GHG foot printing. Improve your efficiency with our energy audits. All this is made possible by our long work in this along with our Partner, First Climate India, the Indian arm of the German consulting firm.</p><p>Do contact us for any clarifications / advice.</p><p>Phone No: +91 7397 385 147</p><p>Mail id:</p>