Electricity Tax levied for Non-peak hours without 5% rebate

<p>eClouds Energy LLP is hereby intimate you all that the electricity tax of 5% had been wrongly billed for the non-peak hours in our EB bill, which was not reflected from the year 2013 to 2022.</p><p>So, Please ensure that the night-hour rebate reduction of 5% are to be monitored carefully on the upcoming month’s electricity bill. In case, if e-tax is not reflected in your electricity bill, please contact your concerned EDC consumers and claim the taxes charged without any further delay.</p><p>eClouds have also included a sample letter for your reference. You can use this letter for claiming the taxes charged from the Electricity Bill.</p><p>Click <a href="">HERE</a> to Download the Sample Letter</p><h3>Carbon Accounting System and Enterprise Carbon Accounting</h3><p>The process of measuring an organization's Greenhouse gas emissions in order to understand their impact on the climate and set goals for reducing the emission is known as carbon accounting system. This is also referred to as a carbon or greenhouse gas inventory in some organizations.</p><p>The purpose of Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA), also known as Corporate Carbon Footprint, is to provide businesses with a quick and affordable method for gathering, analyzing, and reporting their supply chain and enterprise Greenhouse gas inventories.</p>