Units beyond 19% CUF in solar plant - payment to be made at 75% of the relevant tariff rate

<p>You are aware that CFC issued circular dated 14.06.2019 stating that any units injected into the grid beyond 19% CUF in a solar power plant will be treated as lapsed and no payment will be made.?</p><p>Based the above circular TANGEDCO started issuing notices seeking refund of the payment made for solar units beyond 19% CUF and stopped payment for invoices for the units beyond 19% CUF.?</p><p>This was challenged and now the Hon’ble APTEL has passed final orders stating in addition to the payment made for energy procured from solar plants up to 19% CUF, TANGEDCO is also liable to pay 75% of the tariff rate for units beyond 19% CUF.</p><p>TANGEDCO filed appeal against this order before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court was also pleased to dismiss their appeal. I have here in attached the relevant portion of the APTEL’s order and Supreme Court order.</p><p>Based on the above all Solar Generators can revise the bill for the units injected into the grid beyond 19% CUF and seeking payment at 75% of the tariff rate.</p>