Power surge and its impact

<p>Last week, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission approved the power tariff hike recommended by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.?<br><br>A hike of 7% based on the prevailing country's inflation has come into effect and the commission has also approved a 4% hike per annum.?<br><br>Based on this, this price will be applicable from next month for all electricity consumers like houses, commercial companies, and industries i.e. <strong>Rs.7.54</strong> per unit of electricity for HT I consumers and <strong>Rs.9.54</strong> per unit for HT III consumers.<br><br>This direct cost will have a direct impact on the factories on their annual revenue. Also, if the cost of their production increases, marketing it will become more difficult, so if many people turn to private power systems for their electricity needs, the market for this will also expand.?<br><br>eClouds Energy is setting up their own projects for industries through windmill projects and solar projects according to their electricity needs so that the environment where industries are completely dependent on the power board or other companies for their electricity needs is changed little by little.?<br><br>And if the initial expenditure for this is recovered in five to six years, the environment of paying for electricity in the coming years will also be reduced and the industries will run in profit.?<br><br>eClouds Energy also provides the necessary credit facilities for this project.</p>