Visaka Industries to build solar battery house

<p> </p><p>Visaka Industries Limited, that delivers innovative and sustainable products for construction and textile industries globally, announced on Monday its collaboration with renowned innovator and education reformist, Sonam Wangchuk, for a pilot project in Ladakh. Built to shelter the Indian Army from Ladakh’s freezing winter, the solar battery house is roofed with ATUM, a product of Visaka Industries. <br><br>ATUM serves all the functions of a traditional roof while giving 20 per cent more installed capacity than conventional solar panels in the same space. Not only does the roof generate power, it also earns for you. Made to withstand heavy snowfall, ATUM can bear loads of up to 450 kg/sqft and can regulate temperature with a higher efficiency. <br><br><br>Visaka Industries has provided four ATUM panels that can generate 1.3 KW of electricity for this project. Completed in two working days, the walls of the house are made of mud, acting as a thermal conductive shelter for the soldiers. The battery house is the first of many similar collaborations for housing solutions in the future. <br><br>Wangchuk said in a statement, “We hope that this will not only become a solar roof, but a solar roof that shelters our forces who normally feel very cold in the Ladakh temperatures. Another novel idea that we are using is the batteries of a battery house as thermal mass that will keep the heat of the day to last throughout the night. We are very grateful to ATUM and Visaka Industries for joining us in this innovative experiment.” <br><br>Vamsi Gaddam, Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries, said, “As Ladakh is not connected to the national electricity grid, ATUM aims to provide consistent renewable energy supply to our soldiers.” <br><br><br>Visaka Industries and Wangchuk plan to replicate this in other residential establishments in Ladakh. The company will continue to redefine the construction space with Vnext, an eco-friendly and durable range of products including Vnext board, Vpremium boards, Vpremium planks and Vinfill as a substitute to plywood, gypsum and other environmentally damaging construction material. Through its innovative and sustainable products, Visaka Industries has been able to save 4,73,787 trees from being cut and 43 million PET bottles from being dumped. <br><br>Referred From economic times</p><p> </p>