Tamil Nadu govt hikes power tariff for TANGEDCO consumers

<p>Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister V. Senthil Balaji reported on Monday that the state government had decided to increase the electricity tariff for TANGEDCO consumers by proposing an increase of ?27.50 (per month) for those living up to Consume 200 units, and an increase of 65 paise per unit Railroads and educational institutions.</p><p>?</p><p>However, the scheme of providing free electricity for up to 100 units remains unchanged, the minister said. He justified the interest rate hike with the growing debts of the state power company. It has been suggested that the number could be increased without adversely affecting the public.We hope to repay the huge debt of Rs 12,647 crore that TANGEDCO has acquired over the past decade,” Senthil Balaji told reporters here. There will be no change in electricity prices for 42% of households.</p><p>?</p><p>"Consumers can opt for an exemption from subsidized electricity up to the first 100 units of electricity consumed if they do not need it," the minister said. A charge of 275 rupees for 601-700 units consumed during an accounting period, 155 rupees for 501-600 units, 298 rupees 50 (per month) for more than 500 units, ?147.50 (per month) for 301-400 units and an increase of ?27.50 (per month) has been suggested for those using up to 200 units.</p><p>?</p><p>An increase of about 65 Paise per unit is proposed for railroads and educational institutions. Power Looms would continue to receive up to 750 units of free power. He said the government is seriously considering introducing electricityHouse connection.</p><p>?</p><p>“The central government has written 28 times to the Tamil Nadu government insisting on a restructuring of electricity tariffs. She said that unless the debt is reduced, the state would not receive a central subsidy," Senthil Balaji said.</p><p>?</p><p>On Monday, the board submitted a petition to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Commission to request a review of the tariff. A proposal has been made to restore lenders' confidence in the board, an official says.TNERC sources say the petition will be released once approved.</p><p>?</p><p>There will be no impact on approximately 19,000 low-voltage agricultural outlets, 13,000 huts, 1.5,000 places of worship and 1.4,000 hand weavers (for consumption). up to 100 pieces) and 85,000 Power Loom Weavers (500 pieces), all of which continue to be powered free of charge. .5 to 8 Rs. and for industrial HT units 50 Paise (5 to 4 Rs. Rs.).7 to Rs.5). In the case of LT stores consuming more than 200 units, it is 70 Paise (Rs.8 to Rs.5).</p><p>?</p><p>The Electricity Council has not proposed any changes to the tariff for LT industrial units and commercial facilities consuming up to 1,500 units and 200 units respectively in two months. The official statement clarified that there had been no increase in the electricity tariff in the past seven years. causes.</p><p>?</p><p>TANGEDCO was in debt and unable to borrow due to unavailable lending institutions, he said. "Furthermore, the Union Government has written to the Reserve Bank of India to stop lending to the state if the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. not restructured its electricity tariff,” said the minister.</p><p>?</p><p>Therefore, there was no other option but to upgrade the tariff with the sole aim of saving the public utility company, he said, explaining that more than 1 million rupees consumers are unaffected by this new tariff arrangement. The proposed tariff increase will only be implemented after approval by the regulatory authority, the minister said.</p>