Status of hearing held on 11.03.2024 in the matter of 20 years completed WEGs

<p>The non-compliance of interim orders of both the Hon'ble Division Bench as well as the Hon'ble Supreme Court, as passed, to allow banking by their various orders and after seeing the total non-compliance of the TANGEDCO, even after providing several Undertakings, the matter was mentioned on 04.03.2024 and accordingly, the Hon'ble Division Bench has ordered to list the matter on 11.03.2024 (today) for further hearing.?</p><p>?</p><p>After hearing the arguments from both the sides, the following directions were issued by the Hon'ble Division Bench.?</p><p>?</p><p>1.???????????? As the non-compliance of interim orders issued by both the Hon'ble Division Bench as well as the Hon'ble Supreme Court, in spite of several undertakings provided by the TANGEDCO, to comply with the order, the TANGEDCO has not complied with the order till date. Accordingly, on the reason of any consumer not paying the CC bill for February 2024, for want of allotment / adjustment of the banked units of his WEG completed 20 years, non-payment of such CC bills, before the due date in March 2024, cannot be disconnected.</p><p>?</p><p>2.???????????? Further, the AG and the other Standing Counsels appeared for the TANGEDCO Undertook once again that there would be a Board Meeting of the TANGEDCO going to be held tomorrow and accordingly, the compliance of the Court Orders will be discussed in the Board Meeting to be held tomorrow and they Undertook to comply with the order after discussing the matter in the Board Meeting.?</p><p>?</p><p>3.???????????? Hence, clients who are having accumulated / banked units on their WEGs completed 20 years, if not shown or allowed for allotment /adjustment against their CC bills for February 2024, can wait till a final order is issued by the Hon'ble Division Bench on this matter. Non-payment of CC bill foe February 2024, may not lead to disconnection of power supply.?</p><p>?</p><p>4.???????????? On receipt of the order copy dated 11.03.2024, further advice will flow immediately.</p>