<p>ZoomThru a unique and revolutionary parking automation platform that helps zoom past the barriers with integrations of parking payment system, indoor map navigation and notification system.</p><p>Many shopping malls, high elevated property owners, garages, movie halls, other public places that are striving to improve their parking system’s efficiency in turn providing enhanced experience to customers. With ever-growing process automation, Internet of Things adaptation, much of customers’ expectations forcing mall / property owners to bring in smart parking technologies in place. Current adaption of silos of technologies has their own limitation such as disseminated customer data, underutilized marketing intelligence, increased manual intervention and not an interoperable technology. Silos of technology increases the risk of mismanagement in any single process at times may lead complex situation in the business.</p><p>These silos are used at different stages in the process such as collecting parking fee, assisting the customers to appropriate parking lot, routing map towards brand stores or places of interest. ZoomThru an unique automated parking platform helps reducing manual intervention to cut short considerable wait time in the entire process, seeing all possible opportunities to make use of available customer data on the revenue streaming aspects. This ensures customers’ convenience and easy accessibility to the facility and increased number of visits. Helping merchandizers to attract customers towards their business through various application features integrated on top of ZoomThru platform. Implement ZoomThru and give customers a zooming experience while visiting the facility.</p><h4>Platform and Products</h4><p>Automated parking management system expected to have integrated payment solution, vehicle detection solution, space reservation services, monitoring and reporting services. Off-street parking is expected to hold larger market share as compared with on-street parking. Authorities and facility owners adapting advanced off-street parking facilities to provide safe and convenient parking experience for users. ZoomThru an interoperable platform that automates entire parking processes and facilitate optimal utilization of resources at every touchpoint. The following products are tightly integrated with ZoomThru platform,</p><ul><li><strong>ZoomPark</strong>-guided parking lot automation.</li><li><strong>ZoomNavigate</strong>- shops / brand owners to attract customers.</li><li><strong>ZoomInfo</strong> – push notification for proximity marketing.</li><li><strong>ZoomPay</strong> – parking fee automation.</li></ul><p>Constraints in the Automated Parking system are high implementation cost and complex chain of parking process automation. ZoomThru platform helps overcome these constraints without breaking the process chain by digitally capturing parking data, evaluate the operations, improves the customer experience and generate higher revenues.</p><p>ZoomThru makes an efficient parking process automation to get through the barriers, analyze historical as well real-time traffic data helps understanding volumes of traffic to serve the users in a proactive way. Platform and products comes out with different parking patterns an outcome of data analysis helps deciding on parking pricing time to time. Insights and reports helps finding gaps if any in the entire process, improves customer experience, availing all opportunities on the revenue generation avenues.</p>