Demand increases power prices by 7% in two days

A 7.53% rise in power demand at the Indian Energy Exchange between Monday and Wednesday raised prices by 7% to Rs 4.08 per unit despite a 6% rise in supply. 

Demand for power continued to be higher than supply during the evening peak – between 7 pm and 12 midnight, while supplies were higher than demand during the rest of the day except for a two-hours slot during early morning hours. Cumulative demand on Wednesday was 230.1 million units while supply offers were 244.24 million units. Trade for 178 million units was settled.

Highest price during the day was attained between 9 pm and 10 pm at Rs 7.99 per unit when demand increased 14% against Monday to 14.09 million units, while supplies increased 12.85% to 9.33 million units during the same period. Trade was settled for 9.2 million units. 

Between 8 pm and 9 pm, price was settled at Rs 7.65 per unit when demand for power increased 13.4% while supply offers at 8.9 million units were 11.32% higher.

Between 7 pm and 8 pm, demand for power touched 11.45 million units while cumulative supply offer was9.25 million units. Demand increased 8.95% against Monday, while supplies increased 10% during the same period. Price for the slot was Rs 5.45 pe unit. 

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