Power Park: Order to select locations

<p>The Electricity Board has directed the project engineers to start work on selecting sites for setting up solar power parks in each district.</p><p>In this connection, the Chief Engineer, Conventional Energy Resources Division, Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation has sent a circular to all Distribution Circle Monitoring Engineers in view of the increasing demand for electricity in Tamil Nadu from year to year ( Excluding Municipal Areas) Tamil Nadu Electricity Generating and Distribution Corporation is to be established.</p><p>Steps will be taken to reduce the high cost of purchasing electricity from private companies by setting up solar power plants, which will save 20,000 MW of solar power generation and 10000 MW of battery over a period of 10 years and provide uninterrupted electricity to the people. An announcement was made in the Legislative Assembly that steps would be taken to start solar power plants with a capacity of about 4000 MW and a battery storage capacity of 2000 MW in Tamil Nadu in the first phase. </p><p>Subsequently, locations will have to be identified in each district to set up parks that can generate between 5 MW and 500 MW of solar power. Information regarding this has been communicated to all the District Governors through the letter of the Chairman of the Electricity Board. Therefore, the Public Works Engineers, in collaboration with the District Collector's Office, should inform the Headquarters of the vacancy by letter as soon as possible.</p>