Tangedco’s 1st hydel project in Trichy

            Trichy: A 20-megawatt hydroelectric power project at a cost of Rs 338 crore has been commissioned near Puliyancholi, where a non-perennial water stream comes alive after rains in Kolli Hills. Located at about 77km from Trichy, this lesser known tourist spot may soon become an integral part of the tourist map of Trichy.

Tangedco is raising its first ever hydroelectric power project in Trichy region by utilizing water from Puliyancholai stream originating from Kolli hills. According to senior officials from Tangedco, Trichy, total five weir – small barriers-- will be built across water stream to generate hydro power by channelising the water through Penstock lines, an enclosed pipe that delivers water to hydro turbines. A power house, switch yard, Penstock line and approach bridges will be housed in Puliyancholai. “Apart from penstock lines, winch system will also be part of the project for maintenance of the power plant and these structures will attract tourists,” said M Vishnu, assistant engineer Tangedco, Trichy.

[source: Energy world ,28 /09/2020]