No TANGEDCO Tariff revision petitions will be passed until TNERC appoints a Member LEGAL

<p>On 23 Aug 2022, before the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court released the judgment on the case filed by TASMA on not appointing a legal member in the TNERC.</p><p>In accordance with the Supreme Court Judgement from previous years, the Madras High Court pronounced the below:</p><p>“I restrain TNERC from passing final order on the aforementioned tariff petitions till a law Member is appointed. In other words, the present proceedings can very well go on and everything can be finalized by the Commission as now constituted except the formal declaration of the orders on the tariff petitions. The moment the appointment of the law Member is notified, the Commission is free to formally dispose of the Tariff Petitions. The restraint order of this Court would operate till then and not a moment thereafter. “</p><p>The other cases of the TNERC committee can proceed without any hassle except the tariff revision petition of TANGEDCO.?</p><p><a href="">Click Here</a> to find the judgment attached along with this news!</p>