New Agricultural Export Policy and Electricity Business

<p>Here is the link where you will find the New Agriculture Export Policy of the government.</p><p></p><p> </p><p>Certainly a welcome step! A new policy is long pending and coming from this government we expect lots of teeth for growth. Policy opens up the corridors of exports to agricultural business both processed and raw produce. This will bring about major changes in the way agri is traded in the country. From 2.1% share of world agri trade, we hope India would rise to 4 to 5% in the next two decades.</p><p>How does this affect electricity business?</p><p>Biomass plants across the state are dependent on agricultural produce.  This in turn, affects the availability of power and could create a surplus or a shortfall depending upon production. If Agri waste is increased or rather, doubled, to that extent there could be an increased level of power generation from bio mass sources.</p><p> </p>