<p>ELECTRICITY (PROMOTING RENEWABLE ENERGY THROUGH GREEN ENERGY OPEN ACCESS)?<br>RULES 2022, is certainly a much-wanted set of rules which puts many of the ambiguous?<br>points to rest.?</p><p><br>There will be a separate application, a separate Nodal Agency with a Central Nodal Agency?<br>and a complete online application process, for processing Green Energy Open Access.?</p><p><br>Some of the salient points we need to note with these new 2022 Rules are:?<br>1. Open Access has to be provided to all consumers who have a sanctioned load or?<br>contracted demand of 100 kVA or more. This sets to rest the ambiguity with 1000?<br>kVA requirement with many consumers and generators. However, it opens a new?<br>question. Does this mean that even LT consumers can have Green Energy Open?<br>Access? First look says, it does.?<br>2. There will be a centrally monitored website where the applications will be filed and a?<br>clearance to be given by the concerned Nodal agency within 15 days. Failing which?<br>permission is deemed to have been given! A good rule. Let us see how this gets?<br>implemented.?<br>3. Banking shall be permitted on, at least, monthly basis which means that adjustment?<br>of power generated in one month can be adjusted anytime in that month. We need?<br>to also notice this is not against the APTEL order that allows one year banking for?<br>Wind in Tamil Nadu.?<br>4. The slots can, at its maximum be 12 in a day. What that means is, minimum of twohour?<br>slot has to be laid out and not the fifteen minute slots as dictated for?<br>conventional power.?<br>5. Additional surcharge will literally be non-existent for Green Energy since the Rule?<br>says if the consumer is paying Fixed charges, then the question of paying Additional?<br>Surcharge does not arise.?<br>6. Finally, the rule also says that except for transmission, wheeling and cross subsidy,?<br>no other charges are leviable. Sets to rest many other charges that we are so used to?<br>like System Operating Charges, Scheduling charges, etc.,?</p><p><br>Though these Rules were badly needed and very welcome, one of the points missed out by?<br>the makers is on the ToD adjustments. If they allowed the higher value to lower value and?<br>same value adjustments, one more often misinterpreted rule would have been cast to the?<br>dust!?</p><p><br>Happy that these Rules have come into play. This action is necessitated because most of the?<br>State Regulatory Bodies lost sight of the goals set by the Act and sided with DisComs to put?<br>the consumers and generators to hardship. They are supposed to take the side of the?<br>consumers and protect them. They miserably failed in this mission set for them by the 2005?<br>Act.?</p><p><br>All of these major changes are ushered in by the Rules 2022. However, Regulatory?<br>commission must appoint the Nodal Agencies and also create working rules on these lines.?<br>All these rules must come into effect in 60 days from 6 Jun 2022! Well, as of today, TNERC?<br>lacks quorum to sign orders. Hope they will put their act together before the 60 days given?<br>by the Rules!</p>